Small UI nits: Cancel on dialogs

Some small nits I can’t help noticing, because in my own work I try to clear these things out.

  • When opening a project with a missing expression map there’s a cancel on the warning dialog which does nothing AFAIK. The loading of the project continues.

  • When loading a project, I’m unable to get the cancel button on the progress dialog to work. Mash it as much as you want and the project still loads.

It’s intentional that clicking Cancel in the Missing Fonts dialog proceeds to load the project. If you stop and think about it for a moment you’ll realise why: you can make changes to the project in the Missing Fonts dialog, specifying new fonts to be used in place of the missing ones, editing the font and paragraph styles in the project. If you decide you want to back out of these changes before you confirm the dialog… well, that’s what Cancel does.

It is possible to cancel the loading of a project, but only at certain points in the process. At some points in the process the click on the Cancel button has to be ignored. I agree this is annoying. You can rest assured that if this was easy to resolve we would already have done so.

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Thanks Daniel, I also got the missing fonts dialog but didn’t mention as that makes sense since it has edits available. I was talking about the expression map above. I think it either had two buttons, one to find the expression map and one to cancel or just one cancel button. Anyhow to be completely anal ‘continue …’ would seem to make sense in this case.

Yeah have to put a thread on it for true abort, but FWIW I’ve never gotten it to the cancel state.