Small update of the script documentation

Hi to everyone!

The script documentation was updated today. These pages just went online:

The new pages cover questions from this forum plus some previously undocumented features, for example, the audio file functions. Now, all features of the 6.0.0 release are documented.

I hope, you apprecitate.

All the best,


Thanks a lot Matthias:)

Personally, I think that i am too unexperienced with coding…

There is a lot of references and information that are a godsend for people who know what to do with it…

In my opinion, for me… It is as if you are giving someone who has never spoken or used written language a dictionary.
This dictionary has all the words in it, but i do not know how to combine them to make sentences or sense… I can somewhat speak the words out loud, but i dont know what they mean or in which context they should be used in…

I fear that the only way that I could get into the LUA bit would be to have examples in video form… Something like:
-> today we are making “X” … With step by step instructions from A-Z - explaining why we do this step , what it means, variations of it etc… In a simple understandable walkthrough…
(That is what i feel)

Thank you for the additions tho- i am sure that they will help people a lot:)

Hope all is good in camp halion:) - it is working very nicely here:)

Sooo, thx again:)