Small Video Project for Ukraine - Need Help to Master Single WAV File

I’ve been told that such a request is best put in the Lounge section but I had put up an unrelated non-Cubase specific post and no-one answered.

So my apologies for putting it here. Hopefully it will bear fruit. I’m still on Cubase 11 on Windows 10.

Back in 2006 I was somewhat involved in a grass roots Arab Israeli peace and understanding site and made my very first video in that spirit. I was also relatively new to DAWs (had upgraded from Cubase SX1 to SX3).

I was planning on using something by someone else with permission for my yet to be created video as a tiny gift to the people of Ukraine in some way. Then I stumbled on my old video and its soundtrack actually fits better. Nothing wrong with re-cycling something for a new cause.

I’ve lost the original .cpr file for the soundtrack and so only have a single .wav export file. Again, pretty poor mastering but not totally awful. I’ll be adding a few sonic touches here and there, but the core track of it will remain the same (i.e. exact same length as old .wav).

If anyone could help me create a remastered new .wav file to replace the one I have in my current “2.0” version of the soundtrack, let me know how to send it to you.

The type of mastering desired could be considered “balanced soundtrack”, not EDM or hard rock, though I would like it to have just a bit more instrument separation and punch if possible.


Video mentioned above:

MIDDLE EAST TRUTH - A Gentle Reminder - 2:12 min.

PS: This isn’t a commercial project and I’m a 67 y.o. guy in a one bedroom apartment living on only a Social Security and disability income (decades of clinical anxiety/depressive condition). Due to that I can easily get overwhelmed with even a small project - my focus isn’t what it used to be but I persevere anyway. I’m not good at asking for help in general - stubborn - but sometimes it’s necessary. :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to help you with this. My studio is you can send the file to me via WeTransfer to
Cheers from a bright mooned late after-gig night in Brittany!

@Dr_Scardo - Thanks for your generous offer, that was fast. :slight_smile:

I can’t do it this minute but will be sending it to you within 12 hours. Since you’re in La Bretagne and I in the Los Angeles, California area, got to keep time zone in mind.

On an aside…

I haven’t been in your general area since 1972 at age 17 when I was using Eurorail to chase after a kind of girlfriend in the La Rochelle area (I think). I was living in Lausanne, Switzerland at the time. From the Cote d’Azure to Amsterdam I went - it was great to just get on any train on a whim that summer (seemingly having to go visit a couple of other girls on that trip too. Ah, the folly of youth).

File sent. Attached message said “See .txt in ZIP file…” I meant ZIP folder. :slight_smile: