Smaller Cubase download?

When I downloaded the 3.9gb version (The update but it’s still the full version in itself, right?) of Cubase the other day I noticed around 3.2gb of it was Halion content which I don’t install, why don’t you have seperate downloads for the main App and the addons? Would save alot of time and space.

Also, I was having a look again at the downloads in ‘My Steinberg’ and Cubase is 9gb, why is this and again why not a download with just Cubase and the basic VSTs?


The only thing I got out of the 9GB download that I didn’t out of the smaller one was a HALionSonic SE update.

and maybe Padshop + Retrologue?

I am now downloading the Cubase 8 9.1GB File - and I will install it over the existing CUbas e8 installation hoping it will just detect the missing things and not delete my prefs again… (and again.)

I wish we had cloud saving of preferences Steinberg <<< pls!

I have a Cubase installation file for version SX 3 that is a total of 133 megabytes! They made this special file for people who needed to convert songs from an older format. I was thinking this would be good to have for my new HP Stream which has limited drive space and limited RAM. They should have this for all versions. Some of us don’t need or want any of the crap that is in the media bay or the Steinberg plugins.