Smaller heads problem

Good morning, I’m on Dorico4, I’m having this problem: by inserting notes on 2 voices, the lower one has smaller heads, why? I tried to resize the head but it only enlarges it a little, which is not the right solution. Does anyone have the solution?

We would need to see an excerpt from a Dorico file demonstrating this situation. It should not have occurred on its own.


My guess is that the up-stem voice in that bar is using the “larger noteheads” (Dorico’s default) while the down-stem voice is using “default noteheads” (Yes it is a little confusing that there is a notehead set named “Default” when actually the default setting is “larger noteheads” but once you know it you will not forget it).
What happen if you select the whole bar and then from the edit menu (or right click with the mouse) choose Notations>noteheads>Reset to Default Noteheads?
And I agree with @Derrek.

…the low note becomes slightly larger but always remains smaller than the high note

…even on the same voice it has the same problem, crazy

Like @Derrek wrote before, if you can share a file showing the problem, maybe somebody would find a solution (It could be that the noteheadset has been modified for example, but that is just another speculation)

Here are some lines where the problem appears. The project was done from scratch and I didn’t change anything on the note heads.
per forum.dorico (765.7 KB)

I have not been able to find the cause of the problem, but it can be fixed by doing:
Edit > Select All
followed by
Edit > Reset Appearance.

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Yes I think those smaller down-stem noteheads had ended up with a different notehead style applied to them. Resetting either their appearance generally, or notehead set specifically, should fix them.

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Thanks, this is the solution

I don’t know how it happened, I haven’t played with the note heads, I’m on a job and I don’t have time for experimentation. Anyway, thanks to everyone for the suggestions and help.