Smaller updates more often?

I know there are probably logistical problems with this, but I keep thinking it would be a nicer system if we had small regular updates which added features as they were implemented - in the same way that for e.g. Tomtom is rolling out the software for its running watches - it’s a little frustrating continually logging on to the Dorico forums only to see no update yet…

Just a suggestion!


For the moment, at least, there’s a significant enough overhead in preparing a release (testing of functional changes and regression testing, installer and updater testing, localisation, documentation, the logistics of actually getting the release into users’ hands, beta testing, etc. etc.) that we’re not in a position to do this much more often, particularly not when adding significant functionality like chord symbols, repeat endings, piano pedaling, editable note spacing, and so on.

In general it’s not Steinberg’s pattern to release lots of updates adding significant functionality anyway, and once Dorico is more mature you should expect it to follow more of the same kind of pattern as our other products, with large releases on a longer schedule.

It’s kind of dissappointing that Dorico first aimed at composers of classical music and that composers of modern music using chord symbols had to wait for months to get this and other features implemented.

The support on this forum softens the “pain” somehow.

Looking forward to the update, so don’t keep us too long in suspense.



You can’t please all of the people all of the time, Franklinspired. If we had added chord symbols sooner but not added, say, beaming, or slurs, or ties, do you think you would have found Dorico useful yet…?

Well, there are plenty of things that composers/arrangers/engravers of “classical” music are still waiting for, while the Dorico team goes off to implement chord symbols etc!

Like user-defined number of staves per instrument for keyboards, divisi parts for orchestra scores, cues in orchestra parts, ,polymetric time signatures, etc - plus a lot more smaller features that there is no point in listing here, Daniel and the team are well aware of them.

Note, these things aren’t just restricted to “avant garde” or “modern” classical music - they have all been in use for 3 or 4 centuries already!


I am aware of the fact that there are many more features to implement, also for composers/arrangers/engravers of classical music and there still may be features needed for those writing/arranging modern music even after the 1.1. update.

As Daniel wrote, you can’t please all the people all the time, but on the other hand it might have been a good idea to launch Dorico at a later date, when all the necessary basic features for both camps had been implemented. In that way you also avoid having several workarounds to get the job done. We all payed for a decent product and initially it does not have to be perfect in every way, but sufficient enough for users who Steinberg is aiming at.


The critical point I am making is not aimed at you personally, let that be clear. Your support is first class and for that I thank you.

I honestly don’t remember but when I got Sibelius version 1, did it have “all the necessary basic features for both camps”?

Maybe not, but the quality of all sorts of software has moved along since then and keeps getting better.
The Dorico team did not start with the knowledge and experience of Sibelius version 1, that’s a fact.

So, because software has gotten more complex, one should expect it to be developed faster…?

That is funnily put and compared. ‘Classical’ and ‘modern’… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

(please note: this is not a personal attack, this just got me thinking about a larger dynamic at play across the whole Dorico forum.)

FWIW, I’m continually amazed at all of the people who complain about features that are lacking. Dorico has been stunningly forthright about the whole development process, to the point that, more established players could have arguably baked some of Dorico’s signature features in and beat them to the punch. No one was forced to buy Dorico. I think the only people who are truly upset are the people who didn’t bother reading the forum or the amazing development diary. That, sad to say, falls squarely on the purchaser, not the Dorico team. For me personally, Dorico is 95% of the way there. It does meet my essential needs. I don’t even use my other program any more.

I must also confess that as much as I love this forum (and I do! I check it multiple times a day) I’m rather frustrated with the negativity of some users who come here just to vent about their one missing feature. (Admittedly, some of these people post one complaint and get pouty, and we don’t hear from them again.)

Every single one of us has features we are waiting on. Not a single user is unique in that regard, however many people complain like the Dorico team deceived or robbed them in some way. Not so. Everyone has their own idea of how it “should have been” or how it “should be done”. It’s all moot. “Release it earlier! Delay releases! Big features! Little features! You’ve betrayed avant guard musicians! You’re not meeting basic needs!” the list of complaints is miles long… and you know what? It’s all completely unnecessary.

The Dorico team is doing a great job. They are delivering an awesome product. The product is in its initial stages. This means features are lacking. But you know what else? Be happy that you’re here on the forum and can advocate for what you’d like to see built in. This is your chance. But do so in a positive way. They have contributed some truly revolutionary ideas to the digital notation world. I fully support them in that. I will advocate (where appropriate) for the features I hope to see sooner than later, but I will also wait my turn. I hope others will do the same (you don’t have a choice :laughing: )

Be patient with the team. Please. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, they know a helluva lot more about notation than any of us do. They are fully aware of what needs to be added and what people would like to see… (we all keep reminding them…) and indeed, what is “necessary”. Don’t forget, this isn’t their first rodeo. And while it’s no fun to wait, every single time they release something, it is always more thorough, better thought through, and more exciting than I could have ever predicted… and that’s because they know what they are doing.

End of rant. Please note I do not mean to offend anyone, but I do hope this little rant will remind people that we really need to stay positive here. We deserve it, and the Dorico team deserves it.

I have to think that, if Dorico waited for everything to be developed before releasing the software, many of those complaining about missing features would be asking why nothing ha been released after such a long time.

It is what it is, and I am happy with the progress the Team is making and the quality of the results and the responsiveness here to questions and suggestions.

Ain’t that the truth! lol :laughing:


I couldn’t agree more! I can’t recall ever experiencing a Product Marketing Manger or the like being so painstakingly honest about what’s missing in his product, NEVER exaggerating its qualities - just working relentlessly to make it better. Complaining about what’s in the box - when information about it is so readily available - is simply spoiled and rude.

Thank you. I felt a little guilty going on a rant like that but I think it really needed to be said.

I work in a parking office at a university. We literally paint special spots “school-bus yellow” (the entire parking space, mind you), paint the words “reserved, tow away zone” in 6" letters on the ground, and then put a special sign on a pole face-level that says, “reserved, special permit required, tow away zone” and people still park there and then get mad when we tow them like it is somehow our fault!

Sometimes the comments here strike me as the exact same thing. Daniel (the other Steinberg employees too, for that matter) does such a good job although every once-in-a-while you can sense his frustration. I read certain comments from users and think to myself, “Daniel must be talking out-loud to himself!” uttering, “you’ve got to be kidding me!” (and the like) while he responds. Of course he never says this, as he always replies with aplomb. But still… I think there are days where he definitely deserves a good, cold, [free] beer! :unamused:

And if someone asks when 1.1 is coming one more time… :laughing:

He/She will be replied : “before the end of June” ! :wink:

The rest of the world definitely needs more plombs.

… not 95%, Romanos401; not yet. Based on the blog, I’m sure there are things to come that I’ve never heard about. :slight_smile:

The thing is, though, some people seem to allow emotion to get in the way of reason. For me, wearing my teacher hat, the frame-based document preparation alone is worth the price of admission.

I just finished preparing exams for this end of term and, though it took lots of time because I was learning as i went, I stuck with it, because of the flexibility. I KNOW, that now that I’m familiar with the basics, I will be save los of time in the next round of exams and assignments.

Just keep on keepin on, Daniel and Team!

Great reply Daniel, completely agree.

Very well put and needed to be said. Thank you.