smaller values for the grid and another thought

I would like to be able to select 32nd notes in the grid or even shorter notes in future.
One thing I really like in Dorico is that it is seldom necessary to input rests. But when I had a piece with short note values like 32nd notes I was forced to input a rest before I could input the 32nd note just because of the missing smaller grid value. And I again realized that the rest was not shown after having input it but only after the input of the next note. And I must say that I really dislike this behavior of Dorico. I want to see what I have just input cause sometimes I get interrupted and then I don’t know what I have just input and can’t see it either.

One other thing: I don’t see why Dorico has shortcuts to toggle e.g. staccato on/off but e.g S for slur on/off is not possible. In my humble opinion toggling saves keys on the keyboard which then could be used for other shortcuts. And it is easier to remember. For instance using S in input mode for the beginning of a slur and S again when I want to stop the slur seems much more intuitive and easier for me.
Thus I would also like to be able to set shortcuts for inputting e.g. a pedal retake to the same shortcut when I want to delete the retake again. As I have to select the note on the position where I want the retake to set or delete, Dorico could realize if there is a retake so then to delete it or there is none here in order to set one.


Can’t you choose the 32nd as duration and move the caret with the spacebar?

Anyway, +1 both for smaller grid values and toggling slur on/off.

+1 for toggling slur on/off!

The reason for the differing treatment of staccato and slurs is probably that staccato is either on or off, while slurs can be nested, i.e. you can start a new slur in the middle of an ongoing one.

I’m not necessarily in favor of slurs being toggled, per se. But I do find it difficult enough to incorporate slurs while in input mode. Much easier to add them after the fact (just my personal experience!). The idea of trying to keep track of nested slurs while in input mode… that makes my brain hurt!! So I wouldn’t see the loss of “nested slurs during input” as a deal-breaker.