Smart bypass for clips / track or Output?

Hi everyone.
I´m trying to match a non processed audio to a final master i did. i see that the smart bypass is only available on the Master section (that i rarely or never use) i tend to keep my processing on the clips and finalizers on the output.
What’s your approach on this subject ?

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Smart Bypass within the montage is a common request, especially now that WaveLab has the excellent Reference Tracks feature.

For now, I think Ian Shepherd’s Perception AB plugin can work well:

Or, using your ears, or just not caring about level matching.

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Thanks Justin, yes . That’s i ´ve been doing, using my ears :smiley:
It would be so great to have this included in a couple places in the chain.
Lets hope its teh next great feature in WL 11.2 :smiley:

:+1:My vote also!!!