"Smart Bypass"... Oh NO!!!! (Not working properly.)

“Smart Bypass”… Oh NO!!! (What happened from V. 9.5 to 10?!!)

In version 9.5, I could click on “Smart Bypass” (while in edit window) and the file would continue from where it was playing.

Now (in V.10), when Smart Bypass is selected… the file begins playing anew, from the beginning.

Also, the following is an additional (Smart Bypass) problem:

When in the Smart Bypass menu, selecting between “Original Audio” and “Processed Audio + Level Correction”… there is often a MASSIVE difference in actual volume.

None of this happened in 9.5. Did I miss a new/old setting in Pro version 10?

Please help!! (Smart Bypass is a most useful tool… but not as it is operating now.) :pensive:

Hmm, I can’t reproduce either problem.
For the “the file begins playing anew”, is it always?