Smart Bypass

Oh how happy i was to find a smart (level matched) bypass feature! But how disappointed i was to find that it doesn’t include clip processing changes, rather it only includes the master sections input and output.

If this could be implemented into the clip workspace i would be so delighted, so that you could smart bypass a volume matched level of pre and post processing in my montage. That would be incredibly useful for all mastering engineers.

Please please please!

Somehow, some more A/B processing will be added to WaveLab.


That would be awesome PG! Even though it’s not perfect, it beats not having it everywhere. Thank you for giving us such a cool feature! :wink:

Yeah, this could be a game changer.

I hope to see it as a reality

This is a good idea… I would indeed be helpful to have this functionality in more places.

FWIW, I’d also love to see a resampler as well in the clip plugins… It would be great to be able to instantly drag a bunch of files into a montage, and have an option to automatically add a resampler plugin to each clip that is not already 44khz.

Hi Guys, the Smart Bypass is a big part of my workflow. It certainly keeps my ego in check. I use it to A/B with my eyes closed. However, in the current implementation I have to mouse click between processed and unprocessed (and open my eyes). I would love a button that toggled between processed with level correction and the original. Then I could A/B with my eyes closed and try to lose track of which-is-which and then decide which is better.

There are keyboard shortcuts. Use the “What’s this help” on the dialog, to know them.

Now that we are at it… Now it only supports RMS, which is nice, but it would be great if something like perceived/k-weighting loudness was also implemented.