Smart convert of split stereo files

New to the import of AAF.
After importing the AAF package from the video editor, I have got some interleaved files but also a bunch of split files.
Is there a smart method to convert those split files into interleaved AIFF or WAW?
Any help much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I use a macro which converts the mono L R files to stereo, disables and then hides the track.

I’ve been wondering, is there anyone who works with the mono L R files? Why does Premiere split them!?

Project / Convert Tracks / Mono to Multi-channel

Historical reasons, I assume, to cater older versions of ProTools and the like.

Pro Tools can handle interleaved and split mono-multitrack files on import. Nuendo can’t unless you manually convert them. The film/tv post-production world is not an interleaved world. Deliveries to most film/tv networks are split mono and yes Nuendo can create them, but it can’t read them. The majority of FX libraries I’ve used are split mono. AAF’s are split mono. Post production for better or worse is a split-mono workflow. So it’s a real problem that Nuendo can’t handle split mono files natively. Because that’s the post world. I keep hoping that Nuendo will overtake PT because Nuendo is so much better in so many ways but this split mono business is probably a deal-breaker for us and it will be for most post houses. Come on Nuendo, you’ve come this far, finish the job. To answer the question as to why split-mono is used are many. Probably because camera’s acquire audio in multichannel “mono” files. Video Recorders the same. Field recorders the same. The AAF’s that we demend upon to move sessions from post house to post house don’t support interleaved. Not all deleivery formats can be interleaved. Etc. Not sure it has anything to do with Pro Tools becuase Pro Tools can handle both formats which is perhaps it’s only advantage over Nuendo these days. My two-cents from the Hollywood trenches.

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