Smart Edit Tool

Seriously guys! Cubase must have smart edit tools like Sonar or Pro Tools! Otherwise, it is cumbersome!


the improvements in 9.5 already help a ton for automation. But for everything else, absolutely


Yeah not sure why they aren’t moving forward on this


+1 For the Smart Tool like in Pro Tools. This is great and very useful tool, and saves time. You have to implement it in Cubase Pro…

Hopefully in Cubase 10 or X or something… Sadly, there seems to be not enough people asking for this as they are somehow habituated with the old habits I guess. Well, if there was an option of paying extra to get that feature, I would have paid extra!

Anyways, the version 9.5 update worked on few important things which is great. Thank God.


absolutely +1

It needs very careful implementation.


At the very least, one should be able to -select- items with the other tools. Eg. if one has the scissors tool active, one should NOT have to go back to the arrow tool in order to select notes. One should be able to select notes with the scissors tool and keep selecting, cutting, etc.

+1,000,000. This has been requested for years now.

The way things are going with overall usability are great in 9.5 – let’s keep that mindset rolling strongly with upcoming releases!


Lately been doing a lot of work in Harrison Mixbus and found myself looking for the smart tool in Cubase…