Smart Grid

Hello @Steinberg Support Team,

Any chance that Cubase 8 (or the upcoming version) has the same Smart Grid as lets say in Acid Pro 7 or even Sonar 8 ?

When I say “Smart Grid” I mean :

  • No need to change the Quantize / Snap all the time
  • As it “smartly” increase the Quantize as you Zoom-in with the mousewheel
  • For example:
    at Zoom 100%, Quantize is automatically set to 1
    At Zoom 150% Quantize is automatically set to 1/4
    At Zoom 200%, Quantize is automatically set to 1/16
    And so on.

This way for instance, I can zoom it and place my items very precisely as it snaps to a super detailed grid, but as I zoom out it snaps to a less detailed grid.

Thank you in advance!

and logic and reaper and…

Yes this is definitely needed


I always liked this feature when I used Logic in the past.