Smart Instruments

How about adding smart instruments to Cubasis such as in garageband? Or some sort of smart keys menu that automatically plays chords according to the tempo and signature?

Of course, an arpeggiator can do something of the like (though not ideal or easily) but linking to the project settings would be awesome and having various chord patterns automatically played would also be great.

I like the idea of the smart instruments, can we also get more instruments altogether? My main goal is to use this app as my main sequencer, however i am severely limited by only 78 instruments. Can we at least bump this up to 150 instruments with more variety in each category? Specifically, more sub basses, arp and gated sounds and leads. I think you have the bread and butter stuff covered, but you can also add to that list fender rhodes and electric guitars.

Please do this, i will promote this app all over the net!

Have a lookie here, all “smart” instruments (can be used in Cubasis) you have wished for and so much more… :slight_smile:

That is cool atlatnesiti and I have tried that already through Cubasis to a limited degree, but can I use the Garageband smart instrument chord progressions with Cubasis instruments? I will have try this out… What I find excellent about Garageband is the in-app usage of these instruments, which enhances creativity exponentially. Now there are many workarounds to importing sound from both apps but what I would like is the same functionality within Cubasis using Cubasis instruments. Pads is a start, but let’s have some more innovativenss here. I am a current user of Cubase 4.5 for years now utilizing many beautifully sounding VST intruments, but I find the instrument quality in Cubasis is severly lacking. However, I bought Cubasis as an investment and trust the manufacturer so am looking forward to seeing where this app goes…

I think of Cubasis as a framework rather than a complete all in one solution. Rather than buying VSTs as I do/did with Cubase I’ll buy other dedicated iPad music apps and use virtual midi and the increasingly adopted Audiobus and Audio Copy/Paste technologies with Cubasis to glue it all together. I hope Steinberg and others focus development there. Better drum and audio event editors and EQ would make me happy.

Hey stbradle,
I don’t understand, are you looking for more sounds or something that will write/compose music for you?
If that’s the case, Cubase and Cubasis is not an option.
Try one of many “self” generating “music” apps instead that will make “music” for you…
I’m with you on better drum and audio event editors, apparently February Cubasis update will include both and AudioBus of course :slight_smile:

Would be so awesome to use iMachine with Virtual Midi for now.
But I guess that won’t happen as it’s only a sketch pad for the real

But I hope Groove Agent One also finds its way to our pocket computers
and tablets! This would be the THING I’ve been on turkey for for years!