Smart Pencil Tool that remember the note length value

Would be nice to see this in Cubase 12 guys. A smart pencil tool that remember last notes length value when inserted. Check the video. Thanks

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It would be nice, if you could describe it by words. Then the text is searchable, video is not.

As far as I understand it the thing is, the Tool remembers the last Note Length and the new Note is inserted with the same Note Length as the previous one. Am I right?

You are right Martin. That is thing I’m trying to say or show. BTW thanks for the suggestions.

Gets a thumbs up from me!

I’m not sure if my comment will be helpful but you could “almost” do this by setting the length of the note in the Length Quantize pop-up menu. Of course, you would have to change it with each value.

Thanks Symmetry for commenting. As you said “almost”, but it’s not the same. It’s so helpful this function and fast when you writing melodies. I wish Steinberg implement this in the key editor one day. :crossed_fingers:

I want this too!