Smart Phone for N12 Control

I saw a vid where someone was using a smart phone to pan on Nuendo. I can’t find the vid. Can an android phone be used with Nuendo. What plug ins and/or features?

Check avid eucontrol software.

Is there anything for N12?

Avid Control App

I have to admit that for some reason or the other I never managed to get this working. Is there a reliable step-by-step setup guide that also covers all the necessary additional drivers and components for Android devices and a Windows-based Nuendo 12?

There probably is a guide on Avid’s YouTube channel. I just installed the app on my Android phone and then installed the related software on my Windows 11 computer. It needs to be enabled in Nuendo. Don’t recall having many problems with it. Phone connected via WiFi to local home network.

Looks like I need to add an i-pad to my wish list. I’m andrioid phone but the screen is too small to play - thanks.

I have a 10" PC pad but the keyboard gets in the way and a pain to take off…

PS can it point and pan?

Using Space Controller OSC, using Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to a computer, and controlling it through the phone’s gravity sensor, it’s very cool, but it’s very expensive to sell, and I’m sorry for my wallet

Never had any issues… it is super easy.
Install the app on your phone (in my case Android, Samsung Galaxy), install Eucontrol on your computer (download latest version from your Avid account). Connect your phone to your Wifi (when your phone is connected, you’ll see it in the Eucontrol software and also in the app) and enable Eucon in Nuendo. Done

Hmmmmm … I’ll give it another try. :sunglasses: Thx!

How much coffee did he have. Made me nervous.

Just $99 for Bluetooth, $399 for Bluetooth+WiFi

Begs the questions:

How often do you need to pan sound around?

How many times in his frenetic condition has he hit himself in the head with his phone?!

Will your mix be like audio speed?!!