Smart Quantize for Grace Notes, Arpeggiated Chords and Gliss

A solution for Quantizing Grace Notes, arpeggiated Chords or Glissandos would be a blessing. A few options to consider.

  1. Quantize Group. The ability to group notes together. Then define if the group starts at the beginning of the closest quantize division, end, or it averages.

  2. Quantize Direction. Flag a note to quantize at the start, middle of end of quantize.

  3. Ignore Quantize - Flag a note/group of notes to simply be ignored by the quantize function.

I can’t be the only one…

Yes, very good!

Yes please!!

Something similar was asked here:

I would also add a “Distribute evenly” function for selected midi notes. It would be great to quantize a freely played arpegio or any set of notes within itself, thus disregarding the grid.

+1. Marvelous idea!

+1. WE want it to happened.