Smart quote apostrophe

I just noticed a very small issue (that the dev team shouldn’t lose sleep over). Just mentioning it for their benefit.

On the Mac, I use Shift-option-] to type a smart quote single apostrophe (the curly one) to show singular possessive. Surprisingly, when typing in a Flow title in the Flows panel, this does not enter anything. Typing option-] is allowed, but this is the backwards facing apostrophe.

However, typing Shift-option-] is allowed in the Flow title area of Project Info, which is what I ended up doing. All of this is in preparation for using the {@flow#Title@} token.

I am wondering why the discrepancy exists.

If I type a ‘straight’ apostrophe/quote into the Flow panel’s title, it appears as a ‘smart’ quote on the page. So you probably don’t need to bother in any case. :smiley:
Screenshot 3.png

Thanks for the info! I did not know that. So Dorico is smarting things up without my help!! (not surprised). Or perhaps this is auto-enabled in the Mac OS. Either way, good to know. :slight_smile:

Well, if it is, Finale found a way to get round it. :laughing:


Amen to that. Works great on Windows as well. I used to have to type Alt-0146 in Finale for the curly apostrophe ALL THE TIME (and -0147/0148 for curly quotes). I don’t exactly miss that. And as far as I know, the latest Finale update STILL hasn’t added this basic functionality.

Checklist for making an annual Finale update:

  1. Change the version number.
  2. Make some pointless change to the file format, to ensure it is incompatible with all previous versions.
  3. Ship it!


In fairness, that hasn’t been true for the last five years. And rather than malice, it was a problem inherent in the old data structures of ENIGMA.

However, none of that need concern us here. :wink:

Fair enough. The last Finale version I bought was 2014, so I guess I missed out on that “enhancement.”

But one of the bugs in supporting UK keyboards that was there in the first version I used (FInale 3.5, installed from two floppy disks!) was still there in V2014.5. I rest my case, m’lud.