Smart Resize-Drag Snap to Grid. Events, Rulers, etc. via moving mouse to what it is you want to snap to - see video gif

So you click on a handle to begin your drag and you hold your click, you then move your mouse to what it is you want to snap to (it would need to be visible on your screen)

this would save me a lot of key command presses/clicks, as sometimes I am very back and forth between Event snapping and Grid snapping.

During your drag/resize, you could position the mouse over other events on other tracks, a ruler track, or the top most main locator timeline for grid snap and or locator snap.

I’m still pondering the protocol for this, but that would be best for people at Steinberg to deliberate. But I think potentially, this could work even if Global Snap is turned off. ie, this would be an “Always On” feature (but an option in preferences.

So essentially when this on, and you are click-hold dragging event size, once the mouse leaves the track/channel area of the event being dragged, then this smart mode engages.

This means, that even in Global Snap is on, and set to Grid, it will be ignored and or combined with Smart Snap when the mouse has been moved to be hovering over other tracks/channels with events to snap to, or ruler, or top locator ruler.

This is very handy because someone could have multiple ruler tracks with different time/grid displays, and just hover the mouse over them to snap to that particular ruler. :ugeek:

This could also potentially work with moving events as well, but it would require a modifier because would want to prevent the event from moving tracks/channels.

ie, a modifier to hold the event to its specific track so that the mouse cursor can move up or down to other tracks to snap to events.

-Click-Hold on event you want to move
-hold keyboard ‘Shift’
–Modifier allows mouse cursor to be free to move up or down without moving event vertically to a different channel but still slide horizontally to snap to whatever the event/ruler grid the mouse cursor guides it to.