Smart tool (or main+range tool hybrid)

Would like to have the same behavior like in Pro Tools - without switching tools…

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No need for this at all, what we need is more loops or wiz bang things. Why would you improve speed of the DAW?

Remember, if you DONT ask for it may show up







+1 Assignable mouse modifiers for different contexts like in REAPER.

A simple Grab+Range tool (like in Pro Tools or Studio One) would be more than enough as a starting point, but I do have to agree, that Reaper puts other DAWs to shame in this aspect:

+1, I’ve always wondered why don’t we have such a cool feature like this yet…


Whoah. Reaper puts Cubase deeply to shame with what that video shows (as does Pro Tools, but not to the degree of Reaper). Things like that speed up work by so much it’s not even funny.


Exactly - it is 2019, Cubase is at version 10, Stephen Hawking and Stan Lee are no longer among us (R.I.P.), One Direction is no longer a thing (which I personally don’t mind) and we still don’t have a Smart Tool.

Dear Steinberg developers - its time to make Cubase great again…

+1000 for Reaper’s Mouse Modifiers concept implemenation in Cubase plz.
It’ so utterly powerful for fast edit workflows.

Read carefully Steinberg please!

We need SMART TOOL not New Colour Tool :smiley:

Smart Tool would definitely be a great improvement, but I wouldn’t mind a more elegant implementation of the Color Tool (current one feels clumsy to use).