Smart tool (or main+range tool hybrid)


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No need for this at all, what we need is more loops or wiz bang things. Why would you improve speed of the DAW?

Remember, if you DONT ask for it may show up







+1 Assignable mouse modifiers for different contexts like in REAPER.

A simple Grab+Range tool (like in Pro Tools or Studio One) would be more than enough as a starting point, but I do have to agree, that Reaper puts other DAWs to shame in this aspect:

+1, I’ve always wondered why don’t we have such a cool feature like this yet…


Whoah. Reaper puts Cubase deeply to shame with what that video shows (as does Pro Tools, but not to the degree of Reaper). Things like that speed up work by so much it’s not even funny.


Exactly - it is 2019, Cubase is at version 10, Stephen Hawking and Stan Lee are no longer among us (R.I.P.), One Direction is no longer a thing (which I personally don’t mind) and we still don’t have a Smart Tool.

Dear Steinberg developers - its time to make Cubase great again…

+1000 for Reaper’s Mouse Modifiers concept implemenation in Cubase plz.
It’ so utterly powerful for fast edit workflows.

Read carefully Steinberg please!

We need SMART TOOL not New Colour Tool :smiley:

Smart Tool would definitely be a great improvement, but I wouldn’t mind a more elegant implementation of the Color Tool (current one feels clumsy to use).


Very old request…just a remainder, Steinberg. We are waiting…

workflow with clip gain and smart tool
this simple and intuitive solution for many pros is ground breaking for choosing DAW (where time is money) and also crossgrade-stoper to jump to another ship…

we are changing gain

by keyboard shortcuts:
select range + CTR+Shift+UP/Down

by mouse & keyboard:
select range + CTRL+Shift+MouseWheel

by mouse (smart tool):
select range + up/down you mouse cursor over gain line

by gain icon in down left clip corner (small fader appears - elegant solution IMO)

In mean time in Cubase PRO/Nuendo: we have to separate clips and use gain control on each one or use pencil to draw gain line

I know that we have almost similar way to control volume line on automation track but:

  • it’s another track (waste space)
  • does not cause a visual change in the height of the waveform

Clip aligment is great function your introduced in C10. This is the path you should go IMO.
So please listen more, do not overcomplicate simple things, simple solutions are usually the best.
And lastly, If you make new version please made it fully realy working not half-working. Because we pay you fully real money and not half-fake.

all the best

Yea - this thing exactly… when I switched from Pro Tools to Cubase, I was quite disappointed/frustrated about, how clumsy the audio editing in Cubase is. Yes, there is a clip gain functionality (via Draw tool) in Cubase, but it is hard to use, because it is underdeveloped.

I would gladly upgrade to the next Cubase version, if it will include editing/mixing workflow improvements (like a smart tool, channel colors, improved sends, dual-mono plugin mode, etc.) and a proper HiDPI implementation, not new “groundbreaking” (and DAW-breaking) features.
Like most users, I just want convenience and speed in the basic editing/mixing functionalities, that are performed hundreds of times per day, not new shiny features, that don’t work properly and/or make a very little difference to improving the music/audio making experience.

There is no way I am going back to Pro Tools’ limited track count and its “fabulous” subscription scheme, but spending money on the last 2 Cubase upgrades left a bitter taste in my mouth (I did like the added inserts, DOP presets and latency monitor though) and made me look at some other DAW options… and I have to admit, that Studio One looks very sexy these days :smiley:

Please let us position the cursor ANYWHERE just by clicking…having to use Shift+Alt is awkward and a waste of time