Smart tool

Smart tool as in pro tools, save all that mouse clicking,
Rx5 connect fix
Clip gain on range selection
Free hand draw tool
Write to all enabled
Spot to end and begin of regions, and sync point
Only been using nuendo 7 for a week macros are great routing is fast. Just needs a few extras for us film guys oh adr is the bomb lol :smiley:

yes yes yes !

Could you elaborate on the above?

Would “touch assist” work here maybe?

Do you mean “spot” or “snap”/“drag/move”? Because I think you can effectively match the beginning/end of one region to the beginning/end of another when moving the first around. “Spot” I typically associate with placing a sound file/region onto the timeline from a database, and then we already have several options but I don’t recall “spot to end of region” in PT for example.

Very simple to make a range-based macro for this one-- have done it for several incremental variations.

I really wish there were a continuing interest in our community here to develop and share macros And that there were a sticky-like place for them here on the forums where that sharing could occur.


I noticed, too, that RX 5 Connect doesn’t work. It stays idle and does nothing. Suddenly, after playing, something happens and RX5 opens. It’s not intuitive what happens. Sometimes, nothing happens.

I wanted to ask what the best way was to send only a clip (not the complete audio file) to RX5. All I want is take a small part, a clip, from a long audio file, to RX5, fix a problem, and send it back. Sort of like a bounce in place and replacing the original. That currently isn’t possible, is it?

Is it possible to send only a clip (not the whole file) to an external program for editing?

Yes, it is. That’s pretty much exclusively how I use it in Nuendo… for whole files I generally use the standalone, typically in batches (especially for audiobook files where pre-processing is pretty standard across hours of material).

To send process clips…

  1. select a range with the range tool, or a clip with the select tool

  2. Call up RX Connect, and make sure “Repair” is highlighted". RX should open up with your selection.

  3. Do your processing.

  4. Click “send to Nuendo” or whatever it says in the tab at the top.

  5. Select the Nuendo Arrange Window, and call RX Connect back up.

  6. Hit “process”.

That’s it in 6 easy steps. :imp: But it does work. I wish the Spectral module still worked as a plugin. Oh, yes, I do.


RX, here’s what I do.
-Open Clip in Sample Editor
-Select range in clip (In the case of the denoiser, a range which exposes/isolates the noise to be removed)
-Select plugin
-RX “learn”
-Close plugin
-Select range to be processed
-Select same plugin (learn(ed) curve is still there)


Well Fredo, given how all of us go through unnecessary steps I hope you’ll chime in and add your +1 on the feature request for leaving plugins open. We all have to jump through this hoop of open/close/open/process for various plugins and reasons, and if they could just not have it work this way we’d all save time.

Pro Tools does it just fine somehow.