SmartAV Tango - Nuendo - Windows-10

I am pleased to say that the Tango control surface works well with Nuendo-7 and Nuendo-8 on Windows-10.

The importance of the Tango working with Windows-10 is that the next W10 update (due April 2019) does away with the FLS limit of 128 and increases the limit to over 4000! This means we should again be able to install all Tango devices in Nuendo/Cubase as well as being able to install potentially thousands of plugins into a project (depending on system specifications). The number of Tango devices that can be installed at present has been reducing steadily with every recent Nuendo/Cubase update, so this should counteract that. See this:

Nuendo-8 2 inserted a problem which affects the ability of the Tango to edit Insert plugins, but I hope there will be a fix for this soon. Nuendo-8.0.10 does not have the problem, but I am staying with N7.1.40 until the issue is resolved. See this:

I’m happy for you Chris and for some of my friends and collegues who invested in this controller. After the the current edit insert bug resolving, your sky will be clear again.
How cool is that ? :wink:
Be well.

I know - I’m too excited for words! :smiley:

That’s great news Chris, I was getting close to ditching my Tango in the River!

Tango rises from the Ashes once again :sunglasses:

Hi Chris,

Has Steinberg indicated whether or not they’re going to address this issue in a Nuendo update? I’m concerned that it could be permanently broken and of course SmartAV isn’t around to address it in the Tango software. The Tango will only ever be able to access eight plugin slots, I wonder if that has something to do with the issue.

Also, which Tango software version are you using?


I’ve just updated to the latest version of Windows-10 (1903) and am happy to report that the FLS limit increase in the update means that all of the Tango devices can once again be installed in Nuendo; and more plugins can be loaded too. Well done Microsoft!

With regard to the issue of plugin editing on the Tango (broken by Steinberg with the introduction of 16 Insert slots in N8.2), I don’t know whether or not there will be a fix for this in an N10 update. I have been communicating with Timo Wildenhain about the problem and hope that a solution can be found, but have no information about it.

In the meantime, my solution has been to update Nuendo to N8.1.10, which is the last version released before N8.2, so the Tango can still edit plugins in all 8 Insert slots available to it (8 Inserts have always been more than enough for me). If I’m ever tempted to update to N10 and beyond and no fix for the Insert edit issue is implemented, I could still retro-load a project into N8.1.10 if I needed to do a lot of Insert editing on the Tango.

Yeaaah ! At last.
Hope you’ll be able to upgrade to 10 with 16 inserts working.

SmartAV Tango in is indeed rising from the Ashes once again. :wink:

I don’t think that we will ever reach a position where all 16 inserts will be available on the Tango, unless a miracle happens with the Tango source code, but it would be nice if it were to be still possible to edit the first 8 inserts correctly (as it currently is with N8.1.10).

Hello Tango users,
who can help me install the drivers for my newly purchased Tango 1 console .The drivers are installed as shared components on the Win10 PC, but do not appear under remote control devices. Therefore Tango cannot connect to Cubase/Nuendo and is not usable.

I would be very happy if someone could help me!

With best regards from