Smarter handling of VST-connections

Modern Recording support a large number of channels.
With two RME UFX+ and an ADI-2 Pro (which all use the same ASIO driver, so I can access each of these device from Cubase)
I have access to 194 mono channels IN and 196 OUT and need a better way to manage them, compared whats possible with VST-connect.
But even for recording interfaces with less channels a more comfortably GUI would be more than welcome
for creating and modifying/managing the VST connections.
I think I do not need to go into detail how cumbersome the handling of VST-connections are “as of today” if you have more then 1-4 channels IN/OUT.

My proposal:

  • read the channels in completely
  • make it mouse selectable which Input / Output channels to activate (ie by click-box in front of it)
  • a toggle for mono/stereo
  • load/safe of these settings

That would be really great, many thanks.

+1 for improvement for “Vst-connections”