Smarter "Remove Selected Tracks" Action

This is a new request based on another recent thread. I thought it made sense to put in a “clean” feature request so that the idea didn’t get lost in all the chatter.

If you remove a track that has audio events, I presume the audio events are always in the pool (how could they not be?). So, here’s the feature I’d like to see.

If the associated file is no longer referenced after the track removal (i.e., the track being removed contained the only association to the file in the project), then for each such file display a dialog box that says “File XXX will become an unused pool entry” (or something to that effect). Continuing: “Do you want to:” and present three choices: “Remove from pool and erase from disk”, “Remove from pool but leave on disk”, “Leave in pool”. There could be, I suppose, a “Don’t ask this again” checkbox that would default the action to “Leave in pool” for anyone finding the additional removal step annoying.