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  • 1 here for everything mentioned in this topic :slight_smile: In my opinion Cubase needs serious re-organization to become modern, faster and easy to use. The composers are not engineers… We need to focus more on inspiration and creativity, not that much on the technical things. :slight_smile:

Yes to a better automation workflow (like PT ans S1) and a SmartTool…

Yay, to Cubase 9.5 finally adding this they now have the majority of the things that really drove me crazy me that I was missing.

Automation Range Tool

The new Range Tool lets you edit your automations faster, easier and more convenient. Create a selection on an automation lane and edit segments by simply dragging them without having to create any additional automation markers. The Range Tool adjusts the level, creates ramps and scales the automation in either absolute or relative mode — just like that!

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Yes, finally.! thanks SB… But, don’t stop there… :slight_smile:

What is also very nice in StudioOne is the ToolTip display showing the values of before/after and amount of change:-
S1 - trim auto ToolTips 2.gif
When you start to adjust the levels up/down, the current data displayed is replaced - new value on left, amount of change you’re making on right (in brackets) - really cool and useful.!