Smell the Roses

Hi All,

First time posting a song but I thought I would share this composition with you, aimed particularly at anyone considering purchasing Toontrack’s EZKeys.

I wrote and recorded this in a day… you’ll be able to tell that! The only ‘real’ track is my vocal. Piano is EZKeys which, by the way, I think is amazing, plus some strings using NI’s Session Strings

Hey, it sounds good in sound and composition, although the piano was a little dry for the vocals. But did you write every note yourself or is it like pasting loops together? Even on their website the “songwriting made easy” was a bit vague, but the picture indicated it was like cutting and pasting their pre-recorded loops together.

I used the EZKeys midi loops provided. You select from various genre and then an intro, verse, chorus, etc. You can obviously choose the key and mess around cutting/pasting bar by bar. Once complete and imported into Cubase you can then get down to note level… I removed some phrases/notes that didn’t work for me and changed things around somewhat but in the main it was ‘out of the box’

I’m beginning to sound like I work for Toontrack… but I don’t !! :slight_smile:

Ah right, nah thanks for the proper explanation, appreciated :slight_smile: I did like the sound of the piano, but I don’t like the automated loop things. The price is decent but I’ll be going with EWQL Pianos eventually :stuck_out_tongue: Might be alright for learning but I’d never feel comfortable, even as bad a pianist as I am, using pre-recorded loops.

Thanks for the info and for posting.