SMF Drum pattern import?

First of all, “Congratulations!” to the team for achieving the exciting initial release of Dorico.
I’m very pleased to have “scored” a copy of Dorico, and look forward to growing with it, as the additional features are added.

Once the percussion notation features are in place, will it be possible to import drum pattern standard MIDI files, or patterns from Groove Agent 4, into Dorico, and have the more or less General MIDI note assignments appear correctly in Dorico drum notation?


Yes, that will absolutely be the plan, Wally, once we start beefing up the way we handle unpitched percussion.


Great news!
Thanks so much!!!

Thanks for the team for this extraordinary work, especially for the last Dorico 3.5 articulations time-based feature which automatizing so well the tedious work of “articulating” each notes. I am joining this thread as I am fighting to import Groove Agent patterns in Dorico. I have a proper drum kit, it is perfectly mapped with the Groove Agent but once I am trying to import a pattern everything is falling apart : the midi file is “unchecked” in the second import windows and the result is a new flow (even if I am asking to merge) with notes in “flute” staff with a treble clef. I think I am missing something important. Any idea ?


Dorico can only really import percussion if it knows it’s meant to be percussion, which at the moment it can only do by recognising it as GM percussion on channel 10. Can you force the MIDI data you’re bringing in from Groove Agent to be on channel 10 somehow?

That’s good to hear Daniel, I’m waiting for this – let’s be polite and say – months not years. This would be a big step forward for me. Right now it’s a load of work with a chain from Sibelius > Logic > Midi > Dorico …