Smooth controller data function

Hey Guys,

I would love to be able to select data - be it midi controllers in the key editor, or a section of automation in the arrange window, and have a command to smooth out the data ; almost like a lag command.

Sometimes, when you draw in data manually or have a very sensitive midi (or low res) external midi controller, the data that is recorded can be quite jumpy and not smooth.

It ultimately would have two variations - the first one simple takes existing data and smooths/averages it out.
The 2nd variation does 2 things; it smooths out the data but can also create additional data based on a quantise setting.
The additional data is created by first smoothing and then interpolating between the existing data, based on the quantise grid.

The user can set a strength using a prefence setting, and use a keycommand to smooth the data; each keypress smooths it a bit more, dependent on the strength setting.
An additional preference option for the interpolation smoothing would allow the algorithm to merge data points with exisitng ones if distance wise they’re very near to eachother, using a treshold value (ppq or note setting).