Smooth Jazz

Trying out some mix ideas and stumbled on this idea. Sampletank3, Addictive Drums 2, Amplitube3 featured

Warning: smooth jazz will sound if you follow this link:

Ha Ha ,we all venture down that road if we lived through the late 70s,i have to hit myself over the head with a big stick regular to stop myself doing it , but it dosnt always work .getting the vst keyboards out is a big culprit for turning me into some kind of Kenny G. I still cant resist listening to some George Benson or Steely Dan though. nice little dabble anyhow ,and nice playing as usual ,this track gave me the same feelings as Stanley Clarkes “Quiet Afternoon” from the album School Days, nice one.

Thanks for this polgara! :slight_smile: I was just really pleased at how well the Sampletank3 sounds worked (upright, muted trumpet, flute, pad) and had to use some key switching to get the articulations right. This was my first attempt to really use ST3 processing in a track. Very powerful features. “School Days” wow thanks!

BTW…have you read Ken Scott’s book "Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust? If you’re interested in that type of reading, I found it to be a great read (not only for Beatlephiles :slight_smile: ) but I had no idea he had also worked with Stanley Clarke, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc.

I`d not even heard of him ,but looks an interesting read.thanks for that.

I’m getting…’‘sorry, we can’t find that track’’

soundcloud can be quite annoying sometimes…Kevin