Smooth "moving" VST window animation in Cubase 13

Did anyone notice the changed behavior of VST windows in Cubase 13? I think it must be some sort of new feature that “moves” or “eases in” VST windows. Not every plugin does it, but certainly most of the plugins that I use, such as OPUS, Pigments, RAPID, Arturia Filter SEM (and maybe others of the FX Collection).

None of the Steinberg plugins do this “easing” effect.

I have no issue with that at all but on some plugins, it is causing some sort of focus issue, making the windows disappear and lose focus. I have to switch out and then switch back to Cubase to make it re-appear again.

This happens on MacOS Ventura and Sonoma with Cubase 13.


I think, you are experiencing the Known Issue:

On macOS only, some 3rd-party plug-in windows always open in the upper left area of the primary display, before moving to their actual positions. We will resolve this issue with the next maintenance update.

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Haha, I actually kinda liked it :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to know you’re already on it, thanks!

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