Smooth Sailing with Nu10 set up so far...

Just taking the trial for a spin and so far I’m quite pleased. After the horrendous download, the install and registering process worked perfectly. I had to open an old project to get my custom track colors into the system but from there it’s been very smooth and stable. Getting all my external synths into a Nu10 template was my first order of business and that went extremely well.

Little improvements I’ve noticed so far…

Key command for bringing the mixer to the front works as it should now. It used to close the mixer instead of simply bringing it to the front which added another needless step.

The “all in one window” approach is nice but I need all the real estate I can get in the project window. So I’m still using 2 separate windows for the project & mixer. With more time I might switch to the one window method. Just having the option is nice.

Being able to show midi notes as black and controllers as white in the project window is very nice. Midi parts make more sense with a quick glance.

Creating thumbnails for my vst instruments works as it should but I probably wont use that often.

Media Bay seems smoother. Still taking it all in. I had to take a look at my current install to see where some of my plugin presets were hiding. Once I added and scanned those folders all my presets for Groove Agent, Padshop, Retrologue etc showed up. (Over 1500 user presets)

I will be testing out the video functions tomorrow but for music production I’m 99% sold. I’ll be doing a stress test later tonight to see how it compares to my current install at the lowest buffer setting (32) RME Raydat. I need that to be smooth as I often use Nuendo as a realtime, virtual console/fx rack for my external synths. This is crucial for my workflow. My current install is 6.5 and it is absolutely rock solid with buffers at 32.

I was really worried because I’ve also been messing around with a free copy of Cubase LE AI Elements 10 and it isn’t going well at all. Nuendo 10 seems to have none of the issues I’ve experienced in Cubase 10 Elements.

Well done Steinberg!