Smooth scrolling in Cubase 6 Mac

Is it possible to have smooth scrolling in the Cubase 6 UI? I use a mighty mouse thing…

Dealing with 80 tracks and non-smooth scrolling kills my brain.


Aloha R,

I too could not get ‘smooth scrolling’ using the latest
Apple mouse thingy.

Once I got the Apple TrackPad, no probs with scrolling.

I still on occasion use the mouse because as nice as the trackpad is,
it cannot be as ‘precise’ as the mouse.

So at those times I grab the mouse (which sits
right next to the pad on my desktop).


Hm. Trackpad works, does it? I’ll check. Thanks!

I love it. I was a diehard Kensington trackball user for all my 'puter
life. (the 1st one I got was in 1993)

I thought I would never change.
Then came the Trackpad and now I could never go back.

With all the different gestures there IS a slight learning curve.
But once you get it down it is similar to playing a musical instrument.
After a while you just know it and don’t even think about it.

1-They don’t last. I am on my third one in two years.
2-Battery use is atrocious. Get rechargeables.

Good Luck