Smooth scrolling in score editor as in key editor and various

waiting for Cubase 12, I want to request a behaviour in score editor.
Today, there is no way to scroll with the mouse weel (mine is a Mac magic mouse) in score editor.
In Cubase 11 the team make a great work in key editor allowing a smooth horizontally and vertically scrolling, but leave the composer to use window bar for move in score editor and in a uncomfortably way leaving measure step scrolling.
Well, as in Dorico is possible (in Logic too), it would be professional and comfortably to have the same behaviour in Cubase.
Hope you will take in serious consideration this request.


Agree. Quite frustrating not to be able to use the trackpad in Score the same way as I can in every other window. I don’t seem to be able to even move forward without playing through.