Smooth Scrolling (with Inertia), Only Then Hitting Command, Should Not Trigger Zoom (macOS)?

Dear Cubase community & Steinberg

I’ve noticed a Cubase “usability issue” on macOS (compared to the behavior of other programs).

When 1) doing a scroll (with inertia/momentum, i.e. swipe the mouse/trackpad once, then let go and see it keep smoothly scrolling for a while) in the project window, and 2) only AFTER scrolling hitting the Command key, then Cubase still triggers a project window zoom (as long as the smooth scrolling is still active)

I think Cubase should only trigger a project window zoom when FIRST pressing and holding Command, and then scrolling, just like other programs (e.g. Firefox etc.).

The issue is with fast working in the project window: I scroll to move somewhere (enjoying the new smooth scrolling in Cubase! :slight_smile:), then hit Command to select some events, and whoops, the project is all zoomed in or out…

Has anybody else using Cubase on macOS negatively noticed this?

@Matthias_Quellmann Hi Matthias, would this be something that could be addressed in a preference setting, or just be matched with general OS user experience behavior?

Thanks for your feedback and with kind regards