Smooth Scrolling (with Inertia), Only Then Hitting Command, Should Not Trigger Zoom (macOS)?

Dear Cubase community & Steinberg

I’ve noticed a Cubase “usability issue” on macOS (compared to the behavior of other programs).

When 1) doing a scroll (with inertia/momentum, i.e. swipe the mouse/trackpad once, then let go and see it keep smoothly scrolling for a while) in the project window, and 2) only AFTER scrolling hitting the Command key, then Cubase still triggers a project window zoom (as long as the smooth scrolling is still active)

I think Cubase should only trigger a project window zoom when FIRST pressing and holding Command, and then scrolling, just like other programs (e.g. Firefox etc.).

The issue is with fast working in the project window: I scroll to move somewhere (enjoying the new smooth scrolling in Cubase! :slight_smile:), then hit Command to select some events, and whoops, the project is all zoomed in or out…

Has anybody else using Cubase on macOS negatively noticed this?

@Matthias_Quellmann Hi Matthias, would this be something that could be addressed in a preference setting, or just be matched with general OS user experience behavior?

Thanks for your feedback and with kind regards

Just out of curiosity, has anyone else using Cubase 12 on macOS noticed this scroll/zoom behavior described above and found it problematic in a fast moving workflow? Or am I alone in this? :slight_smile: :pensive:

@Matthias_Quellmann May I ask you if the observed behavior is intentional on Cubase 12 on macOS? Thanks for any feedback and your time supporting users here on the forum! :+1:

And thanks for any feedback from Mac users/the Cubase community! :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman:

yes., you can change from cmd to ctrl for zoom in the OS to solve the issue

Thank you for your reply.

Would that solve the above-described issue with scroll inertia?

(I’m not looking to change the zoom modifier key from Command to Control though)

Thanks again and all the best

sorry, i might have misunderstood, i will try tomorrow when i can test this in cubase

No problem!

Appreciate you taking the time to reply and try this out.

(The behavior described in the first post really negatively impacts my workflow, because it’s so easy to accidentally completely change the project’s zoom level, which then needs to be changed back)

To summarize the behavior/impact:

The issue surfaces with fast working in the project window: I scroll with the Magic Mouse (swipe) to move somewhere (enjoying the new smooth scrolling in Cubase! :slight_smile:), and only then hit Command to select some events (but the scroll is still active, because of inertia), and whoops, the project is all zoomed in or out…

ok yes, i get same behaviour
i scroll keeping the hands on my trackpad, so the inertia doesn’t kick in and so i don’t experience this behaviour when working, but i agree it is annoying and would be nice to have this fixed as you suggest

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Thanks again for checking and for confirming that the described behavior actually happens!

Not sure if this gets addressed though, there seems to not be much interest in this issue :confused:

All the best

Just for comparison between Steinberg products Cubase and Dorico:

The behavior works correctly e.g. in Dorico’s key editor. Command + Scroll only triggers zoom when the Command key is pressed before starting to scroll. When first just scrolling (letting inertia keep scrolling a bit) and only then pressing Command, the zoom is not initiated.

In my view, Dorico gets this right.