Smooth Scrolling

Is this not a thing yet?

Scrolling in the sidebar scrolls pretty smoothly but in the working area it scrolls like 1-2 bars at a time… most other DAWs have smoother scrolling. Using a trackpad or magic mouse is horrible for scrolling… I know you can use a middle mouse button to grab/scroll but magic mouses (?) and trackpads don’t really have those…

Not really looking for hacks here… smooth scrolling seems like it should be an simple ask…


Steinberg Developers, come on! Please note how many posts are here about smooth scrolling problems on macOS, THAT’S A SERIOUS PROBLEM! Please fix it!

Just add an option in Cubase/Nuendo preferences for us. If it can’t be done, please let us know why and stop ignoring us! :imp:

I’ll be writing about it everywhere! And stop writing back in such a rude way, I’ve been paying for over 15 years for updates:

The reported message is off topic. Duplicated. I think you made your point. No need to Spam every topic about scrolling…

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Even worse on Windows. It’s ghastly.


Switching back and forth from Ableton to Cubase this is the thing that jumps out the most… scrolling once jumps 4 tracks on the 3rd vertical zoom setting… meanwhile grabbing the scrollbar on the right does what you’d expect??? cmon guys…

This needs to be fixed, horizontal scrolling is a nightmare, if you’re zoomed in and want to just scroll a bit using the mouse you end up ZOOMING past the area you want to work with.

Luckily I have an old CMC-TP that allows for very accurate scrolling but one shouldn’t need additional hardware just to scroll.

I should have sold Cubase long time ago and buy Logic Pro :imp: :imp: :imp:
Steinberg’s approach is very annoying, they invent hundreds of useless functions, but they can’t fix such a simple thing as smooth scrolling… 10 years of begging, it’s a nightmare Steinberg!!! How do you treat your customers? :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Please fix this steinberg once and for all. This makes cubase look really sloppy.


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Not sure why this is still a thing but magic mouse and magic trackpad both have the issue… if you put the mouse on the scrollbar and scroll it’s better though??

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How do you treat your customers Steinberg? Why?!