Smooth Scrolling

Hey Folks,

just googled but haven’t found anything. Is there a way in Cubase to enable smooth scrolling? Every App on my Mac works fine with the standard scroll function, except Cubase. Is just jumps like a Windows PC is doing.


Hold down SHIFT while scrolling. At least that’s how it works on Windows.


Nope, that’s scrolling horizontally :smiley:

AFAIK the only way to ‘smooth scroll’ in Cubase is to use the middle-mouse button method.

I use this navigation method all the time, except unfortunately they broke it in Cubase 7/10.9 Mavericks… now it only works if you press the middle mouse button (you’ll see the hand icon), followed by holding down the regular left mouse button. It’ll then pan around the screen smoothly… but it’s kind of useless like this though. Hopefully they’ll fix it in 7.5.20? For me, it’s the bread and butter of moving around in Cubase… please fix it Steinberg!

Ah! I assumed you were speaking of parameter scrolling.

I’d kill for smooth scrolling. Is there any chance to get this feature in future updates?