Smooth Scrolling

That Logitech smooth scrolling is specific to Logitech. I believe the only reason you can do that in browsers is because there’s an extension installed. Don’t expect proprietary support like that in Cubase.

Nope, it’s smooth with any old mouse in the browsers. Please stop if you don’t know what we’re talking about. Even using the keyboard arrows it “scrolls” up an down smoothly gliding through increments instead of stepping through them. It has absolutely nothing to do with the mouse being used and is 100% software design. I think I’ll have to make a video for some of you guys to finally understand the concept. It’s not rocket science but I guess it’s still not clear to some of you.

Hey look, it’s an extension to make true smooth scrolling (unclicked scroll wheel) possible for Logitech mice like you were talking about.

Yes, I know you can interpolate any scrolling so it looks more smooth. Like I said, at the moment Cubase’s framerate isn’t consistent enough for that to look good. Don’t know what more to say.

I know of the extension and that is beside the point. We all know at the moment, Cubase can’t do it. Why else would we put it in the feature requests. The point is, it can be done and would help us a lot if it was.

So, some people don’t know what smooth-scrolling is. Smooth scrolling is having the content of an application windows scroll with the mouse-wheel in a way that is gradual and consistent, rather than a series of chunky jumps between the content. There is no frame-rate requirement for it, as it is not locked to a frame-rate. Cubase itself doesn’t have a frame-rate, but will display according to whatever your personal monitor supports.

And I don’t know what the point showing that browser plugin is supposed to be making, because I don’t have that Logitech extension installed in Chrome, and yet Chrome has smooth-scrolling. I don’t have an extension in Firefox, and yet Firefox has smooth-scrolling. I don’t have an extension in Opera, and yet Opera has smooth-scrolling. I don’t have an extension in Edge, and yet Edge has smooth-scrolling. Even Internet Explorer has smooth-scrolling.

And +1 to adding smooth-scrolling to Cubase. It’s long overdue.

Scroll wheel input isn’t granular enough for that. There’s only a step every time the scroll wheel clicks. What browsers do is animate a smooth scrolling movement to not make it jump. The Logitech extension makes it so that there can be finer control than that. From the description:

How smooth is it? Pixel smooth. Without Smooth Scrolling, web pages typically scroll in choppy three-line increments. With Smooth Scrolling web pages will glide across your screen in single-pixel increments. It’s so smooth you can even read as you scroll.

The reason why Logitech bundles an extension like that with their mouse is because otherwise it’s just the click wheel ticks that can scroll a few lines at a time. The extensions allows them to bypass that. Because Logitech scrolling was brought up I wanted to explain why this exact technology won’t be in Cubase.

I mentioned that I like the scrolling in FL Studio. Have you used it? Scrolling in that is very smooth due to interpolation. But that DAW runs at native display refresh rate. Cubase actually drops below that, but I guess you didn’t know that. This is why that same technique wouldn’t look as nice. To make something look smooth, you need a consistent framerate.

It’s nice that you accuse me of not understanding something, but here I am having to further explain it to you.

OMG thank you!

if you mean, in Cubase the mouse feels a bit “jerky” like bad mouse acceleration, sometimes overshooting on small movements, yes that can be improved. I really personally didn’t find it offending enough to start a topic about it, but now you mention it, yes it can be smoother.

Ok dude since you’re not even close to understanding what we are talking about, I made a video for you. Smooth scrolling has nothing to do with mouse acceleration. It’s when we use the shift key in conjunction with the mouse wheel to scroll through material. Please watch and read carefully. It’s all explained in this video I put on YouTube.

I give up. Good luck with your awesome feature request.

It’s so simple, you’ll feel dumb after watching this :

He “dude”… I zoom with my mouse wheel, I don’t scroll, zooming works fluid

Hahahahahahaha Then you really are in the wrong thread buddy. This does not concern you at all. By the way, you can zoom AND scroll with the wheel. Crtl does the Zooming and Alt does the scrolling. You should start using it. It’s a basic universal key command that work in pretty much all descent softwares. This thread was not about smooth zooming hahaha! Sorry but this is getting pretty funny…


Seriously, can’t believe the arguments here… totally with fbauvaisc… if you can scroll smoothly by dragging the slider at the side of the screen then it’s not a refresh rate issue, the mouse wheel should be able to do the same…

My mouse wheel has the option to change to increments or smooth scrolling by clicking the wheel button, yet smooth scrolling doesn’t work.

All my browsers have smooth scrolling and I don’t have any of those extensions/plugins installed.

Does anyone know if they fixed this in 9.5?


Unfortunately still an issue in 9.5.

I think they just made everything too heavy once they introduced Cubase 8… its super laggy to scroll in arrange window, to load up the mixer window and to scroll accross the mixer window… initially i thought maybe my graphics card was the culprit with my new 38" screen, but after buying a GTX 1080 TI and nothing changed, i knew it was cubase…

They need to fix some code for sure…

codeblack, are you on 9.5? In most situations, middle click scrolling is perfectly smooth in that, so it shouldn’t be too heavy.

Also, CPU is what processes the arrangers’ graphics when scrolling.