Smooth Scrolling


Try this, it helps a little:

Here from an internet search on this issue and I was just curious if this was every resolved in any updates (I’m on 9.5). I’m recently migrated over from Protools and it is one of the first thing I noticed. Kind of annoying when trying to do audio editing. Thanks

This jump scrolling is bizarre and really annoying. The weird thing is I was playing around with quantise and some other things as I thought it might have something to do with that, and then it worked. I was able to smooth scroll using apples magic mouse. but then it reverted back to the jerky movement. And I can’t recreate what I did !


Wow it’s TWO years near enough exactly since this thread was made and still no change in smooth scrolling. Wow

It definitely bothers me as I can’t accurately or easily scroll to the track that I want, as it ‘overjumps it’

I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed yet. I just bought Cubase 10.5 and yet Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, they all have smooth, seamless scrolling like a web browser or text document. Even when using the Cubase scroll bars on the side and bottom of the window, its is smooth and seamless. But as soon as we try to work and scroll with a wheel (or the touch surface of the Magic Mouse), it skip/jumps and I loose focus, concentration and my flow on the task at hand.

This is the reason I still can’t use Cubase for my daily work (I write music for Discovery Ch., Nat Geo, various others) and its pissing me off now because I have had every version of Cubase since version 4.

I love Cubase and I want to work in it everyday, but its just a flow killer that I cannot waste energy and time on straining my eyes on refocusing on transients or tracks.

I have made a video of a screen recording that I want to send to Steinberg. We’ll see if that helps. Anyone have any tips who I can send it to?

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Yes to this, fbeauvaisc!!! It is the biggest reason I cannot use Cubase for my daily work. And it pains me because I love Cubase so much. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and it seems there are thousands who agree (people to work under stress deadlines and rely on efficient work flow.)

I have made a screen recording to better illustrate the problem and where other DAW’s succeed, but I don’t know where to send it yet. Obviously these forums aren’t the correct place.

I really love the 10.5 update. They seemed to have listen to the pro users. I notice a bunch of small thing not even advertised. Hopefully smooth scrolling is not too far behind. I hope they keep with upgrades that make sens to the pro users and slow down on the flashy new features.

It would be a really neat feature, honestly, the jumpiness gets bothersome really quick, especially if you are accustomed to the smoothness of Windows OS.

I sent them an email about this. Lets hope they take notice. I still cannot use cubase for my daily work until they have solved the scrolling AND zoom (vertically) the mouse surface/ scroll wheel (It currently only works to zoom horizontally (!?!?!))

@François - what are the small unannounced things that you noticed that you appreciate?

Apparently Steinberg don’t care about this annoying scrolling issue. I’m a sound desinger and I’ve the same issue with Nuendo 10. Whatever mouse your are using scrolling jumps in big steps instead to be smooth. In this way you get totally lost by scrolling.

Now we are in 2020 and still no improvements.

I suppose they are not able to fix this issue, maybe its due to the code?

No idea, but I strongly hope they will overcome to this bad scrolling behavior.



Still waiting for this… The one thing I miss about Protools.

+1 !!!

When the mouse cursor is on the scroll bar, everything works smoothly, but in the working area scrolling/zooming is terrible, much too fast. Users have been asking for this repair for many years, we pay for updates every year and there’s still the same problem. Steinberg, please treat this request seriously, smooth scrolling/zooming in Cubase/Nuendo is very important for us, just add an option in preferences, we beg you!

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holy shit…here I am searching around to see if scroll speed/resolution was adjustable in any way within Nuendo, little did I know the the wormhole thread I would stumble into…why this hasn’t been implemented yet is beyond me…¯_(ツ)_/¯

funny though, been a Cubase/Nuendo user for the past 2+ decades, and somehow this is just now becoming really annoying for me…lol


Like andrew said… scrollbar scrolls smooth-ish and then anything in the working area scrolls several bars at once???

Stop ignoring us Steinberg, come on! If it can’t be done, please let us know why :imp: