Smooth to average tempo

Hi guys I am wondering if anybody can help. I love cubase and use it quite a lot but one area of its functionality still confuses me.

Lets say I have done a stereo mix down of a live multi track recording of a performance of a song with a fairly constant tempo. but that fluctuates slightly too much to be dj friendly.

I know how to map the tempo, and layer midi in sync etc, but I can for the life of me work out how too average out the tempo of the stereo audio track, so its tempo locked and DJ friendly.

I know it has to do with warp markers (or is it the definition grid or hit points?!) and the audio warp quantize functions and musical mode? But I can not seem to get it right.

I have used the trial of melodyne and I love its approach to this (you just select the area tempo map and choose smooth tempo!) But i want to do this in cubase pro 9!

I am sure I am just missing something simple.

Any help would be great

(Sorry if this has already been asked - I did search and could not see it)

Thanks Ben

hi Ben i dont do too much of that but im gonna be , i think you just open the pool and tick all the little box`s for musical mode make sure you have none of you tracks locked or they wont respond ,then just set your tempo on the transport bar to owt you want

Have you already created the tempo map (so that Cubase’s metronome follows the audio file to your satisfaction… I’d recommend that the tempo map be precise to the beat rather than just to the bar)?
If so, then just select the audio file, and go to Audio menu>Advanced>“Set Definition From Tempo”.
You can now do with the tempo track whatever you wish (including, setting one fixed tempo, of course :wink: )

Thanks, that dose enable cubase to alter its tempo to the audio, so midi parts stay in sync. I am wanting to make the audio a fixed tempo. so it dose not drift in DJ software.

I am making progress. So far I have trimmed the audio to start on the down beat, set the transport tempo to what I believe the average, gone in to hit points and set the minimum length to select only the first beat of every bar. Selected all the hit points and created warp markers from them. now I am quantizing the warp makers to lock the beats to the tempo.

Its kinda working nice, but playing through every now and again it abruptly speeds up. which I need to work on. I think the trick is been selective with warp markers.

I will report back if I crack it!

I just wish you could select tempo events on the tempo track and click smooth to average!


Thanks Vic Ill give that ago. Sounds a simpler way!

Thank you Vic I believe its done the trick. Thank you.

My pleasure :wink:

Humm Not sure its worked as expected. On exporting and reimporting the audio to a new project and running tempo detect in cubase on it (to test if its made it a fixed constant tempo) the tempo track still shows tempo fluctuations.

The challenge continues

Ah! I think you moved the goalposts a little (didn’t mention exporting/importing) :wink:
Before exporting, after having done all of the above (I’m not certain that my memory serves me exactly), I think that all you have to do is then select the newly-tempo-defined audio clip, then go to Audio menu>“Bounce Selection”. This creates a new audio file, which should export/import correctly.
Let us know if this does in fact work… I know I have succeeded doing this in the past :wink:.