Smooth transition to SSD

Just today I finished a transition of the studio PC to go from HD as OS-disk to SSD (Samsung 830 256GB). After taking time throughout last week to get the hardware installed (also extra RAM and a second Plextor drive) and OS etc configured, today I installed Cubase and everything related, and put the saved preferences directory back last. After having started Cubase 6.5.3, it was as if nothing had happened to my PC: Everything in its right place (thanks Radiohead). Controllers behaved as before, VST connections in place etc, etc, and no single window had shifted even one pixel :sunglasses:

But seriously, I already had made a habit of backing up the complete preferences directory every time I use Cubase, and now, before the first Cubase startup, this paid off. SO people, we regularly see the ‘Trash preferences’ advice, but I’d add to that: Save your preferences. It can save you an enormous amount of time.