Smoother score scrolling during playback?

Does Dorico have any options for customizing how score scrolling looks during playback? As it currently stands, the green wiper moves jerkily, and it jumps to the next page/system/screenful a fraction too LATE for smooth sight-reading. It’s not very friendly for following along. This applies to all modes that I tried.

It would be great if there was a Galley Mode option where the green wiper stays central on the screen and the music scrolls smoothly in time. That would be BEST for sight-reading.

Ultimately, long-term, I would love if Dorico had options to output videos of scrolling scores directly, but until that day comes, I’d love to have a couple more options for better layout. As it stands now, when I need to output a video for students to learn their parts, I have to manually scroll in Galley View, which is awkward and jerky and creates new problems.

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This has been discussed before, and IIRC Dorico does not presently intend to create a playback mode in any view where the cursor stays stationary and the music scrolls by.

That’s a shame, especially in an age of multimedia. I recognize that Dorico’s chief goal is to produce finished engraved scores in the paper tradition, but surely paper is but one of the possible end points for a score…

I produce a lot of scores for the educational market and need to be able to render smooth video playback. Or at least approximate it. Dorico’s current implementation seems pretty limited. I hope they’ll consider enhancing this, or at the very least, tweaking the current behavior so that it’s smoothly sight-readable (i.e. that it scrolls a little in advance of the wiper hitting the edge of the screen, and eleganty lets the eye see where things are jumping to, so that it can be read as seamlessly as possible).

Would it though? I find a constantly-moving score very tiring to look at, especially when trying to understand the music in larger chunks like a proper sight-reader. It might appear superficially helpful in educational settings, but you’d train your students to consider only the notes passing under the playhead at that exact point in time (like some kind of player piano) instead of looking ahead. Also, truly smooth motion would be even more disorienting due to the fact that, opposed to piano roll, notation doesn’t move at a fixed number of cm/in/px per second.


Other programs do it and it seems quite legible to me.

If the Dorico team doesn’t want to tackle a smooth-scrolling score, then at least the jumps at system breaks should be tweaked so it’s, you know, readable. Right now the jumps are somewhat unpredictable, and not effective for sight-reading.

Indeed, and that has been noted by Daniel as recently as November.
This has been requested many times before.

Thanks. I had done a search but hadn’t found those threads. Good to know there are other people asking, and that the Dorico team is aware of the request.

At the very least, tweaking the consistency of the current scrolling, and putting it a hair ahead of where it currently jumps, would be an essential feature for me.

I 100% agree. At least provide the Customer with the option of “putting it a hair of where it currently is” in a smooth manner or keep to the current default.