Smoothly increase volume of several tracks

Hello there,
I’m struggling with a (as I thought) simple thing:
At the beginning of the track, I want to smoothly (and synchronously) increase the volume of several recorded audio tracks (in my case a e-guitar and a bass guitar). I’m using Cubase 10 Elements.

Can someone please explain me how to do that?

Thanks in advance,

Well, I think I found it: Right click on track -> show Automation :slight_smile:


If you want to have several tracks automated at once, you may want to use Quick Link.

  1. Select the Tracks you want to automate
  2. Active Q-Link
  3. Put Tracks in Write Mode
  4. Playback and use the mouse or perhaps your MIDI controller to Write the automation.

When finished, leave the tracks in Read Mode to have the automation move the faders or other automated values.