Smpte generator for slaving a tape machine

hello how can i sync my tape machine (4 tracks teac) to cubase ? I just bought a midiman syncman but it seems to simply create smpte but not read it; I think in this case i want cubase to be the master to control the tape machine: my goal is to have tracks from my tape machine perfectly aligned with it same tracks in cubase. (previously recorded); His someone can confirm me if i can do that with the syncman and with the smpte generator plugin in cubase. Or other solutions thanks !

Without knowing the model of the Teac recorder it’s not possible to tell if there’s anyway to build a system with the Tape Machine slaved to Cubase. Right off the top, I’m doubtful there’s a way to do this on a recorder of that class. Does it have a CMX input, often 25 pin connector.

What you could do is give up a track on the recorder for a Time Code “stripe” and have Cubase slave to that. If most of your tracks are Virtual Tracks, then you’ll be able to create a stereo mix on the tape deck.

Good luck.