SMuFL figured bass font: sharps, flats and naturals too small

I am super happy with the figured bass functionality but I have a strong wish. And this wish is not only from me but is shared by other very experienced colleagues.
Already before Bravura: in the figured bass font the sharps, flats and naturals are really too small. We continuo players play from the score and (try to) read the figures but all the accidentals we have to enlarge with pencil otherwise we miss them.
In combination with figures they kind of work fine but as single figure they are too small or too thin.
So I hope in a future SMuFL they can be enlarged slightly.

This problem has been extensively discussed in this thread.


You can increase the size of accidentals, relative to the numbers, in Engraving Options > Figured Bass > Advanced.

Alternatively, you may want to try one of the increasing number of SMuFL fonts, to see if they are any better. Not least of all, Figurato, which is specially designed just for figured bass.

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Thank you for these perfect solutions!
I use now the figured bass at 21pt absolute and accidentals at 130%: excellent!
I will also experiment with Figurato.
[update 20.4] today I tried (and printed) the figures with 19 pt, still big enough and more decent and taking less space. (still accidentals at 130%!)
Figurato causes too many spacing problems, I hope and expect that Dorico comes soon with brackets etc.