SMuFL fonts other than Bravura and Petaluma?


I have other SMuFL fonts on my system, but Cubase 11 only seems to detect Bravura and Petaluma. How do I make these other fonts available in Cubase 11? (these other fonts are properly detected by Dorico)

Not possible, unfortunately.

Thanks. I’m guessing then that Steinberg hasn’t actually implemented support for SMuFL as advertised, but instead just integrated Bravura and Petaluma directly?

You’re right- you can’t choose SMuFL fonts for notation beyond the two.

Well at least the Bravura and Petaluma support is welcome, but it is a shame that they did not simply phrase it as adding Bravura and Petaluma into the Score Editor. Their announcements and videos made it seem like general SMuFL support was added. It is much easier to integrate two specific fonts into the score editor than it would be to add full SMuFL support (since you then don’t have to parse the JSON files containing the spacing information etc), and so I can understand this approach. However, I would have preferred if Steinberg made this clear before I bought the upgrade - I would have upgraded regardless in my case, but the fact that they exaggerated the feature set doesn’t sit well with me.