SMuFL ligature feature doesn’t work

I’m developing a new SMuFL font. Fonts such as Bravura and Finale Maestro have ligatures for parenthesised accidentals. I have set the ligatures in my font like those.

(This is a screenshot from FontForge)
It works fine in other text-based programs, but doesn’t in Dorico. I have also provided definitions in the metadata.
スクリーンショット 2024-04-20 21.04.22

I would appreciate your advice on what else we should review.

Indeed, ligatures currently do not work in Dorico’s symbol designer. I believe it is due to a limitation of the Qt platform. I designed the Johnston accidental ligatures for Bravura, and when I want to use one in an actual score I have to find the resulting codepoint in the U+F5E5~F8 range, and insert that in the symbol designer.

(I hope I understood your issue correctly.)

Thanks, Mark.
You understand my issue correctly. But accidental ligatures of Finale Maestro seem to work correctly in Dorico. I am wondering what the difference is.

Dorico won’t use ligatures when drawing bracketed accidentals: it will create three separate symbols, one for each bracket/parenthesis and the accidental in between.

Thank you for eliminate my headache. It looked like a ligature at a glance, but I realised it was simply lined with three separate symbols.

It’s worth mentioning that itself uses the composite glyphs for bracketed accidentals, but it does so by explicitly referring to the Unicode value, not by ligatures.