SMuFL refresh?

I can’t refresh, or Dorico not find the metadata of new fonts.

Maybe I’m doing anything wrong. I have installed the font and I have moved the .json to the place.

Quit Dorico, then restart.

Do you mean, unistall?

No - shut down Dorico, then restart it.

Yes… I did that the first time but the problem doesn’t solved, but thanks.

Now I’m trying to re-install.

And didn’t work

What are you reinstalling? Dorico or Bravura?
What OS are yourunning?
Is the font shown in other applications?


So what is the problem? Does Bravura show up in Dorico or not?

The problem is that I have installed a new SMuFL, but when I open the Music Font there are only Bravura and Pentaluma.

Yes. Side loaded fonts don’t show up in Dorico. Font management is severely restricted in iPadOS, and the Qt framework can’t access fonts installed by profiles.

But, i’m using macOS… Sorry, maybe I didn’t understand well…

What font are you trying to install, @tanreb?


I’m trying that:, but in the past I tried Leland too.

So, I follow all the steps explained in the two webs, and I have the same problem. Maybe, I should give more permissions to Dorico?

No, it’s nothing to do with permissions. You need to make sure the .otf font files themselves are copied to /Users/your-username/Library/Fonts, and that the .json files are copied to an appropriately-named folder in /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts. So, for Leland, for example, you need to create a folder called Leland inside /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts, and put the Leland.json file in there. The Leland.otf file needs to go into /Users/your-username/Library/Fonts.

Then restart Dorico and all should be well.

Yes, I did that… I do it another time but nothing change…

Is should appear here, right?

Make sure you are putting the JSON files in the top level Library, not the User library.

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Yes, it is with the defaut SMuFL fonts

The folders must have the correct name of the font. The folders should be “MTF-Haydn”.

Then restart Dorico.

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But, what means restart Dorico?