Snag rendering VSTi's to Audio

I was making a PLE to select all the Instrument Tracks and Render them to Audio. Generally this worked fine. But in the process I discovered my BFD3 Tracks weren’t rendering.

The reason is pretty straightforward - the drums are all programmed internally within BFD3 and there is no MIDI Part on the Track. So I thought maybe if I put an empty MIDI Part on the Track it might render. And it did, except the audio file was silent, one long flat line. This is independent of the PLE, just doing it manually.

Any ideas on how to render the internally triggered & generated audio from a VSTi?

isn’t there an export midi in BFD so you can then render it in the next step?

My error. I was doing this to clean up some older Projects. By happenstance the initial Project I tried this on was using BFD2 and not 3 as I’d assumed. Trying the same thing on BFD3 it rendered fine when I put a blank MIDI Part on the Track.