Snag?: using jump bar to copy lyrics in Verse 2 to staff below

Dorico Pro 5

  1. Select lyrics in verse 2 in the soprano part.

  2. J then Duplicate to staff below

  3. Lyrics overwrite those in verse 1 in the alto part.

Any clues?

You’re right, this does not work with the jump bar. It does not work with ‘duplicate to staff below’ either.
You can filter line 2 of lyrics from the soprano part then copy and paste to the alto part and it will work as expected, as long the first verse is present in the alto part.
But, if you select both verse 1 and verse 2 in the soprano part, it will move both to the alto part with the jump bar.

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Aha! never thought of that, thanks for the tip!

Yes, this isn’t a Jump bar issue, as it still happens with the menu commands themselves.